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Call for Papers
Media, Religion, and Populism


Mihaela-Alexandra TUDOR, Paul Valéry University of Montpellier 3 (UPVM3), France.

Anamaria FILIMON, West University of Timisoara, Romania.

This call for papers launched by Hypothesis Journal follows the 5th Essachess-IARSIC International Workshop of CORHIS EA 7400 (Paul Valéry University Montpellier 3), co-organized with the Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad on the topic of “Media, Religion and Populism”.

This special issue of the journal will investigate the way in which the media (traditional and new media) have seized the issue of populism and have made it an ally of religion. The vagueness of the notion of populism allows a variety of uses, either more or less legitimate, especially in the context of the emergence of new media, which reveal the concept to be less soluble and more liquid (Baumann 2006). Without a particular doctrine or wide-ranging theory, research into populism is developed by studies involving several fields. In this context, this issue of the journal will focus on the question of populism without privileging one approach over other, but only from the perspective of reconstructing the sense of mediatized populism that draws on the religious, taking into account the specificities of both northern and southern hemisphere states.

Other potential topics include, but are not restricted to the following:

    • Analysis of the contemporary populist discourse reflected by the media
    • Comparative analysis of religious and populist discourses
    • Politicization of religion and sacralization of politics reflected by the media
    • Fake news and religious populism
    • Power games and spirituality in new media
    • Populism and political identities

All contributions are welcome.


Complete articles should have between 5,000 and 8,000 words and should be submitted in English or French. Abstracts should be written in English (150-200 words), followed by 5 keywords. Please provide full names, affiliations and e-mail addresses of all authors, indicating the author of the contact. Articles and all queries should be sent to Mihaela-Alexandra TUDOR, the guest editor and coordinator of this issue, and to Anamaria FILIMON, editor. E-mail addresses: anamaria.filimon@e-uvt.ro and hypothesis@e-uvt.ro.

For more details on drafting rules, please visit “For Authors” on the journal’s website.

Important deadlines:

  • May 15, 2020: Full article submission.
  • July 15, 2020: Results of the evaluation and final acceptance of the article; authors whose
    articles have been accepted will be notified by email.
  • December 2020: Online publication on the journal’s website.

Mihaela-Alexandra TUDOR is habilitated associate professor at the Paul Valéry University of Montpellier 3 (UPVM3), France. Her interests and research work focus mainly on the study of religious facts and new spiritualities through media coverage, secularism and secularization in the public space, new forms of recomposition of the religious under the impact of emerging media as well as the methodology of the research.

Anamaria FILIMON is lecturer at the University of the West of Timișoara. She obtained a PhD in Communication Science at the Paul Valéry University of Montpellier 3, France. Her research interests are focused on public relations, online journalism, and Web TV.